Going back to School (PGCAP)

So I have started a Masters module through work. It’s taught in three intensive days of workshops and I have assignments to complete. I am less nervous about the content or my understanding and more nervous about completing the work assigned to me having not written academically for 5 years now and being one of the only people in the room without a masters degree. 

Facebook memories has only added to my anxiety as it has very helpfully been reminding me of all the stupid things I used to write online while completing assignments for my BSc. From regularly giving people unwanted updates on my word count, to telling people I was in the library but lacking motivation. I really was an awful student. I spent more time trying to tell people what I was doing than actually doing it! 

At the moment I am not feeling confident about putting pen to paper for my work. But over time I am hoping that, regardless of the outcome of my assignments for this module, I will perhaps be able to see how far I have come and how my work ethic has changed from when I was an undergrad. 

Now to embark on the seemingly mammoth task of fitting reading in alongside working full time…if I post here again soon you might just see that as procrastination. 


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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